Raising a Family

Hear Lucy’s stories of raising kids with Fitz including: bringing them to church, going fishing, taking vacations and celebrating holidays.


  • We were married in a Catholic church by a priest in Manchester, Vermont. We had a beautiful wedding. The children did go to church with their father, and they did go to catechism. I would go to church on Easter and maybe Christmas and that was about it. He took the kids to church, and I stayed home and did my crossword puzzle or whatever I did. Read the paper or watched the news.

  • Christmas was always a big deal. Tons and tons of presents and a big tree. We commonly got together with my sister and her husband for Easter dinner, Christmas dinner and Thanksgiving dinner. And my brother and his wife. We usually had family dinners. They were ok. They started out very festive and fun, but they were not always hugely successful events.

  • Fitz was a great father to the boys. He took them fishing, and he took them to the Bahamas and fished at Bimini and these places. Not as much to the girls. I think because he didn’t have a father himself, he didn’t really know what the father role was. And in my generation, the mother brought up the children. He just came home, and he saw them on weekends. He came home late and that was it. He didn’t help them with homework. I would pretty much make the decisions. I would say, ”OK, we need new shingles on the roof. Is it ok if I do it?” And he would say, “Yes, go ahead and do it. You make the arrangements.”


Lucy with Tracy, Amy, Hugh and Timmy


  • In the summertime, we would come out here to Southold and rent a house. Fitz would commute and maybe stay a week of the month but I was alone. When I had four children, I tried to have a high school girl with me - sometimes that worked out and sometimes it didn’t. If we took a trip, we left the children home with a babysitter. If we went out to a party or a dinner, we left the children home with a babysitter. When I had a baby, I always had a woman in a white uniform that would come and help me for a few weeks. She would take care of the baby. Bring the baby to me to nurse.

  • We spent a lot of summers in Southold. Those were wonderful vacations. We had a little motorboat. The boys would go out fishing. It was a pretty little beach on the bay. A very nice beach. We always had the same house with a potato farm behind it. It was just nice. Friends would come out and stay for the weekend. My mother and father would come. My sister and her kids would come. So, it was fun.

  • Favorite family vacations? I think probably Southold. Oh, well, we would go up to Vermont to my parent’s. They had a pond. And they had a little hut, sort of a fishing shack next to the pond. The boys would go out there and sleep, and fish, and ice skate. The kids loved going up. That was great. They were great. They loved them. Daddy would take the kids out and they would cut down a Christmas tree. They had a big golden retriever. They had a house that looked out on the Vermont mountains and a pond, and it was beautiful. We had dogs. Blondie. Penny. And Fitz and I always had dogs. We had poodles: Alfie, Shotsy. She was a little poodle. With Fitz, we always had poodles. Black poodles.


Fitz with the boys in Panama

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