The Extended Family

Meet June's parents and grandparents and hear their stories of leaving Hungary and settling a life in America.

Caption: The Gluck Family: On the left: Peter (uncle), Marta (grandmother). On the right: Paul (father), Leo (grandfather)


June's mother, Agnes Imhof Gaston, describes Hungary in the time leading up to WWII and her experience as a survivor of the Nazi concentration camps.

Growing up

Hear June describe her family, school and social life growing up in Yonkers.

Caption: June with her mother and father


Listen to June recount the pivotal experiences of her adult life: college, teaching and starting a family.

Caption: Paul, Ali, June, Pat

Other Voices And Images

Listen to the voices of June's sister and cousin, and see a photo montage of her aunt, Sarah Klein Gaston.

Caption: Pat, Paul, June on Martha's Vineyard