Miss Hall's School

Barbara has very fond memories from her years at Miss Hall’s which she attended for 10th, 11th and 12th grade. The school was very strict but she said that this led to a great bond between the girls. She was very active during her time at Miss Hall’s and was elected to the Student Council for her senior year.

What was Miss Hall's like?

  • I loved it. I really loved Miss Hall’s. Such good friends and we had fun. And you are always trying to get around something and to do something. You are all in the same boat which is great. We had no free time to think, “Oh I’m homesick.” Because you are always doing something or you’re in the study hall working or you had like 20 minutes to talk. So we didn’t know any different.

  • Your time was very controlled. You had to get up at a certain time and then you had to be down in line for breakfast. Everything was controlled in time but you were always with your friends. You lined up to go in for meals and Miss Margaret stood at the pillar. You took your roommates hand, you went up to the door and then you went down like that - like a curtsy - holding your roommates hand. Then you went to your table. And, of course, the tables were assigned. You couldn’t be late. You just couldn’t. It was very disciplined and you followed it because we didn’t know that we didn’t have any freedom. It made you really rely on your roommate, kids next door. The little bit you had you really appreciated. Like when you got a Saturday morning – I guess if you behaved. Then your senior year, you could go into town but you went in with your friends. I don’t know what we did. And then every once in awhile we had a dance. I mean that was really rare. And I didn’t know any boys.

Birthday Poem

Joining the Student Council

  • It was a big deal to be on the student council at Miss Hall’s because you got a lot of privileges. It was kind of the only thing. When you were on the student council, you got to stay up later and you got recognized. Everything sort of changed. That really changed the whole school. You were voted on at the end of the year before – so it was your junior year that you were voted in for your senior year.

  • I was 2 minutes late to the room on Friday, October 4. My tardiness was due to putting on a name tape therefore taking a long time with laundry then while washing the bell rang and Barbara Otis gave me the choice of brushing my teeth and going to the bathroom or getting this slip. I preferred to be cleanly. Isn’t that something?

  • Bloomers and sneakers should have been put away. Bureau not very neat. VM - oh that is the council. Isn’t that funny? She was the local student council. This is the second time you have gotten a slip for the clothes –can you imagine– on your chair and on the floor. Please put them all away. Isn’t that amazing! Put ski gloves and scarf away. I mean we had to really, boy! I had even forgotten. Your bureau could be tidier. Please put away all clothes on chair and bed. Also sneakers and shoes on floor. Also bureau is not quite neat enough.

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Barbara's mother congratulates her on the election