Barbara studied in Europe at two different times. First, she attended La Chatelaine in St. Blaise, Switzerland after she finished high school. She went a second time during her junior year of college and studied at La Sorbonne in Paris.

Can you name a particular highlight of your life?

  • Europe and going over to Switzerland that first time out of Miss Hall’s. It was unbelievable. You are on your own. There I am in Europe. I have to say my parents, to have let me do that. Can you imagine putting a 17 year old on a boat. And not out of neglect. Mother was very into Sandy and me. We were her life - absolutely her life. So, that she did that was just unbelievable. And they didn’t really have the money. Dad made $52 a month.

  • Going to Switzerland for that year. La Chatelaine. But I don’t think I stayed there long. I stayed long enough to learn French and then went to Paris. I must have had roommates and really good friends. It must have been with friends there that I went to Paris. I wouldn’t have just picked up and gone by myself I don’t think. And I am sure I had good friends there. You just do. You can imagine. I must have had really good friends. Because it was an incredible period of my life.


Barbara lived here in St. Blaise while at La Chatelaine