Growing Up

In Kansas City, Barbara remembers playing with her dog, Blackie, and hanging out with lots of kids in the streets. Her father became a sales engineer with York Corporation after attending RPI and was transferred to York, PA. As a salesman, he had a car for work and traveled a lot during the week. Barbara’s mother provides the strongest, warmest memories of her childhood although her older brother, Sandy, played a very big role as well.

Caption: Barbara as a young girl

Miss Hall's Boarding School

Pittsfield, MA

Barbara has very fond memories from her years at Miss Hall’s which she attended for 10th, 11th and 12th grade. The school was very strict but she said that this led to a great bond between the girls. She was very active during her time at Miss Hall’s and was elected to the Student Council for her senior year.

Caption: At Miss Hall’s graduation (seated 3rd from right)

Summers in Newburgh, NY

Each summer, Barbara spent a few weeks at her grandmother’s house in Newburgh, NY. Her grandmother, Alice Rudd Otis (aka “Daisy”), grew up in Newburgh living with grandfather (Judge Fullerton) and her mother, Augusta Rudd (aka “Gussie”). Her mother’s brother, Willie Fullerton, was a famous composer in England but died at the age of 34 of tuberculosis.

Alice married William Augustus Otis and they eventually moved to Colorado Springs, CO. They lived in a beautiful house, “Pine Valley”, which is now part of the US Naval Academy. After getting divorced, Alice returned to Newburgh to raise her three sons: William, Charlie and Philip. Although William (aka “Fully”) and Philip went to college, Charlie continued to live with his mother even as an adult. Barbara spent lots of time with Uncle Charlie during her summer visits.

Caption: Grandmother Otis' house at 559 Grand Avenue


Barbara studied in Europe at two different times. First, she attended La Chatelaine in St. Blaise, Switzerland after she finished high school. She went a second time during her junior year of college and studied at La Sorbonne in Paris.

Caption: On the QE2 heading to Europe

Married Life

Both Barbara and Larry went to Lawrence but they didn’t date until after a Lawrence reunion in New York City. Barbara had taken a job with the Journal of Clinical Investigation at Columbia University and Larry had started law school at NYU as a Root Tilden Scholar. After getting married, they lived in NYC, Ardsley and then Scarsdale. After the kids left the house, they moved back to NYC - living at 923 Fifth Avenue.

Caption: Raising kids at 10 Withington Road, Scarsdale NY